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Today, Sunday the 5th of April, was a day of strike in retail store. The coordination committee against the abolisment of the Sunday day off and «deregulated» work hours proceeded to carry out a series of dynamic strike blockades and pickets.

From 9.00 o’clock in the morning the biggest section of the coordination committee carried out strike blockades in more than 40 big and small stores, from the top of Ermou Street until Kapnikareas square. At 11.30 there was the publicly announced assembly of the coordination committee for a strike rally on the corner of Ermou and Kornarou streer. At the same time the «Workers Union in Publications, Bookstores, Photo copy centers, Stationary of Attica (Athens-Greece)» carried out a strike blockade at the multistore called «Public» in Syntagma. Also at the beginning of Stadiou Street the union of Vodafone telecommunications carried out a strike blockade at the Vodafone store. At the same time the collective called «Employees in the retail sector» (https://orthostasia.wordpress.com/) ,unions, the coordination committee and neighborhood assemblies which participate in the «Solidarity assembly for the sacked colleague Eleni.S (from the AB Vasilopoulos supermarket)’, proceeded to carry out a strike blockade at the AB Vasilopoulos supermarket in the area of Holargos.

At the strike blockades the stance of the majority of the colleagues was positive. Employee assemblies where carried out on the spot and many employees supported the strike rally. Also a section of consumers, after we informed them of the situation supported with their stance the struggle. However there where quite a few cannibalistic behaviors from consumers and bosses, which entailed even harassing the strike pickets.

At 15.00 in the afternoon the strike barrages came to an end and a march began which crossed Ermou Street and ended in Monastiraki square. Throughout the duration of the rally a sound-speaker system was operated, leaflets where shared and fliers where thrown.

The fight against the abolishment of the «Sunday day off» and the wider attack we employees face continues !

Workers interests to the fore !

On no Sunday shall stores be open !

We demand the establishment of legislature of Sunday as a day off.

Nothing is granted, everything is fought for !

Organisation and resistance in all work places.

The coordination committee against the abolisment of the Sunday day off and «deregulated» work hours | http://syntonistikokyriakes.espivblogs.net